Visualizing the Future

Visualizing the Future is an IMLS National Forum Grant to develop a literacy-based instructional and research agenda for library and information professionals with the aim to create a community of praxis focused on data visualization.

This grant aims to create a diverse community that will advance data visualization instruction and use beyond hands-on, technology-based tutorials toward a nuanced, critical understanding of visualization as a research product and form of expression. As part of this grant we are seeking applications for a cohort of fellows to: carry out research related to visualization, attend two in-person meetings over the next two years, and help in the development and dissemination of a framework for data visualization support in libraries and related institutions.


Register for our Public Symposium

Registration is open for our public symposium!

October Viz and Tell on Data Journalism

The past year or so has given us amazing data journalism work that has helped to further introduce and mainstream visualization work. In the past year alone the Pulitzer prize in Public Service was won by the NY Times and the Pulitzer prize for Explanatory Journalism was won by Reuters. In each case data visualization work played an enormous role in the articles and news stories written by those organizations. In reflecting on the past year, Ben Welsh of the LA Times wrote that “Data work is now the foundation for America’s best, most ambitious and, yes, most popular journalism.”

Announcing our Ethics in Data Visualization Instruction Module

Back in May, we hosted a Viz and Tell where we gave a sneak peek of our first instructional module, Ethics in Data Visualization. (See the recording, if you missed it.) After incorporating feedback from that trial run and finalizing our materials, we’re happy to share the live instruction module.

Notes and recording from April Viz and Tell on helpful R and Python packages

Our April Viz and Tell was packed with inspiration for how to use R and (briefly) Python to create, present, and teach visualization. Check out the recording and our live notes document for the full story.

May Viz and Tell on Ethics in Data Visualization

Are you curious about teaching data visualization ethics? The Visualizing the Future Fellows have been hard at work putting together a number of deliverables including shareable data visualization instructional modules with associated hands-on activities. The first of these modules on data visualization ethics is ready for testing and we value your feedback. Get a sneak peak at the module material during this month’s Viz and Tell as we go through a trial run of the lesson and hands-on activities.