Ethics in Data Visualization

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Ethics in Data Visualization workshop


This workshop (undergrad and grad level) provides an introduction to ethics in data visualization. Please feel free to use this workshop, repurpose and remix this content, add suggestions to this project, etc.!

An early version of this workshop is available as a recording.

This project was developed by the Visualizing the Future team and was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, RE-73-18-0059-18.


How to teach this course

We provide two starting points for teaching Ethics in Data Visualization:

1. A single, self-contained instructor slideshow

This slideshow includes everything you’ll need to lead the workshop. In addition to learner-facing slides, there are also hidden instructor slides, speaker notes, etc.

2. Directories with extra materials

We’ve included a variety of materials to make in-person instruction easier, and also to help you excerpt some of the activities and ideas here for use in another course. These include:

The goals for this workshop

By the end of this sessions, learners will be able to:

Proposed timeline

Setup for online instruction

Create an online shareable document(s) or forum(s) for small group activities with links to the content or content embedded so groups can keep track of their discussions and have easy access to the images of the charts

Setup for in-person instruction

Print out enough copies of the charts for each small group for each activity.